MTH 104 Vector and Applied Mathematics III (2+0+0 2 Units)

(Vectors, Geometry and Dynamics)

  • Geometric representation of vectors in 1 -3 dimensions, components, direction cosines.

  • Addition, Scalar, multiplication of vectors, linear independence. Scalar and vector products of two vectors.

  • Differentiation and integration of vectors with respect to a scalar variable.

  • Two-dimensional co-ordinate geometry. Straight lines, circles, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola. Tangents, normals,

  • Kinematics of a particle. Components of velocity and acceleration of a particle moving in a plane.

  • Force, momentum, laws of motion under gravity, projectiles, resisted vertical motion. Angular momentum.

  • Simple harmonic motion, elastic string, simple pendulum, impulse. Impact of two smooth sphere and of a sphere on a smooth surface.

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