About Department of Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering program under the department is designed to train engineers that are capable of analyzing, designing, constructing and maintaining physical facilities for the development of the environment and with high level of managerial skills. In achieving the universal goals and objectives of industrialization and self-reliance, guidelines are geared towards:

  • The development of a thorough practice in training.
  • Early broad-based training in general engineering and technology.
  • Practical application of engineering, technology and manufacturing processes.
  • Close association of the programme with industries in country.

 The program is structured to run for ten semesters in such a way that students will be opportuned to take courses that will provide basic understanding of all areas of civil engineering practice, while they can concentrate on any of the following options in the final year.

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation Planning & Highway engineering
  • Water Resources & Environmental Engineering

Accordingly, emphasis is placed on the application of modern day engineering methods (e-learning inclusive) and training intended to develop habit of industry, thoughtfulness, orderliness, innovations, and accuracy. The students are given ample opportunities to exercise initiative, judgement and creative abilities throughout the program duration.

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