Admission and Registration

Admission and Registration


Admission process shall be guided by regulations of the University.

Registration of Courses

After due process of screening at the Faculty and Departmental offices, the candidate shall be provided with the list of courses for the semester for registration purposes. If it is discovered at any time that a candidate does not possess any qualification which he/she claims to have obtained, he/she will be expelled from the university. Courses for the session are registered on-line at the beginning of the session. In addition, a student is required to go to his/her level adviser after the on-line registration in order to complete the registration process. Failure to register before the stipulated deadline given by the university may result in loss of that session or voluntary withdrawal from that programme. A student cannot re-register for a course already passed.

Duration of Programme

The period for the completion of the programme is ten (10) semesters. A maximum of fifteen (15) semesters through UTME is allowed. For the Direct Entry a minimum of eight (8) semesters and a maximum of twelve (12) semesters for a full-time degree programme is allowed.

This programme is essentially a 5 years programme as candidates admitted with O’level certificates or equivalent with UTME spend five (5) years and those admitted with ordinary diplomas spend four (4) years, starting at the second year of the programme, those admitted with a Higher National Diploma may spend three (3) years.

Dropping of Courses

A student who wishes to drop a course must do so within five weeks of commencement of lectures in the course by completing the prescribed form from the Academic Office through the Head of Department

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